About this webpage

This is a collection of my works for the demoscene. Here you will find soundtracks from demoscene productions I've done music for, as well as links to infopages for the productions on pouet.net. I've only made available tracks that I believe to have any widespread interest. If you miss a track, contact me and I'll see what I can do about it.

Where applicable and possible the tracks have been encoded as mp3 in a proper bitrate. Some tracks have been touched up a bit soundwise for improved listening experience.

All tracks are copyright me and respective co-authors where such exist. You are granted a non-exclusive license to download and listen to the tracks presented here. Redistribution of the files downloaded is allowed as long as it is done free of any charge, and in unaltered form (stay away from the ID3-tags!).

Non-profit broadcasting in any form of these tracks is allowed.

If you want to redistribute the tracks in any other form, contact me to get a license better suited to your needs.

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